Saturday, November 17, 2012

Without Any Reasonable Doubt

According to the Hebrew alphabet, I am the Antichrist. My name is Alejandro Carbajal Estrada, which in Hebrew is written

 עלינדרו כרביל אסתרדה.

( 70 + 30 - 10 + 50 - 4 + 200 - 6) + ( 20 + 200 - 2 + 10 - 30) + ( 1 + 60 - 400 + 200 - 4 + 5)

The end result is '666'

Which explains why the heretics hiding within the Catholic Church  are so afraid of me.   The same heretics within the United Sates government who ignore my very existence

Understand what I am about to tell you, GOD WILL DESTROY THEM for the TRANSGRESSION which the WORLD is GUILTY for committing against the ONE TRUE GOD.

As God's official Representative, I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE for the INJUSTICE that you are all responsible for contributing to.  When God decides the moment is right, my face will be the last sight the WORLD sees before meeting the all mighty creator, so help ME, G-D!   Once God seats me in power, if you pray to God for mercy, I will make the personal endeavor to ensure it will be worst than any human conception of Hell.

I promise that the individuals responsible for the crimes against me, will face unimaginable consequences.  Justice MUST be served because I am OWED JUSTICE, which the human race is in debited for.

I have served a penance in humility, and I am no longer giving the world a humble voice because it wasn't good enough for the arrogance of human kind. Now, I will show the world how the arrogance of true RIGHTEOUSNESS looks and sounds like because nothing is bigger than GOD, especially not the human race.

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