Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Sudden Change of Heart

I have been rethinking the position I expressed in the previous post.

I have decided that I am not yet ready for God to have these transgressors who fight to destroy to the Human Race.     When God seats me in power, I do not want to exterminate Freemasonry.    That would be too easy.   FAR TOO EASY.

This vile EXCREMENT does not deserve such humane treatment and I have decided that when the time comes, I will BRAND each Freemason, across their forehead, and on each palm.

The BRAND on their forehead will be so that everyone who meets them, may know exactly what is standing before them so that IT will not have the upper hand for deception.   The BRAND on each of their palms will be larger and the purpose of that BRAND will be so they they may never be able to clench their greedy claws, which will prevent them from ever having the physical ability to hold money in their hands.

These brands, will mark them as MY PROPERTY which will be the consequence for having stolen MY REAL TANGIBLE as well as INTANGIBLE PROPERTY, which they had NO RIGHT TO.

I promise, GOD and HUMANITY, that I will do  everything in my power to guarantee that not a soul will be lost during my reign.

In fact, I vow to survive them naturally and to maintain complete transparency to ensure I uphold these promises.  NO MATTER how much they scream and beg for death, it will NOT be granted to them.

In the name of the ONE TRUE GOD, All might creator, Allah.   Amen.

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